Rumour Cubes – We Have Sound Houses Also

Rumour Cubes is a London-based instrumental postrock band, consisting of six members. The group was raised back in late 2009 and they’re influenced by Mogwai, Explosions In The Sky and Godspeed! You Black Emperor. Their first release is a three track EP, entitled We Have Sound Houses Also. Let’s take a closer look.

The EP starts with “The University Is A Factory”, which also serves as the band’s calling card. It’s a quite a long piece and it starts as soundscape building itself towards a musical climax. The violin parts are the ace in the hole here. Together with the electronic effects it creates a real cinematic feel. Besides the aforementioned influences, Rumour Cubes reminds me a lot of The Gathering, especially during their How To Measure A Planet-era.

“Rain On Titan” and “At Sea” are to other great examples of the musical prowess of these talented Londoners. The violin sections give this EP a solemn feeling of melancholy against a dream-like musical background.

The production of We Have Sound Houses Also is really good, especially in terms of independent releases. It’s not too polished and simply spot on.

Rumour Cubes are clearly a very talented lot with their debut EP as solid evidence. With the right kind of support they should be to become a household name within the post-rock genre in the not too distant future. Well done!

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