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Sun Caged – The Lotus Effect

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Published on: July 7, 2011

Sun Caged is a Dutch progressive metal band led by guitar virtuoso Marcel Coenen. This ensemble is founded back in 1999, but they aren’t the most productive outfit of the bunch with only two albums under their belt. However, Coenen and Co are about to unleash their third album, entitled [...]


Borealis – Fall From Grace

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Published on: June 26, 2011

Borealis is a Canadian power metal formation with progressive overtones. The band claims to be influenced by Evergrey, Savatage, Dream Theater and Vanden Plas. These are big shoes to fill, so let’s see how their latest album, entitled Fall From Grace, holds any water. These Canadians give a good account [...]


Infinity Overture – The Infinity Overture Part 1

Infinity Overture is a Danish progressive metal act led by guitar virtuoso Neils Vejlut. Their latest album, entitled The Infinity Overture Part 1, also heralds a stylistic change from upbeat symphonic to a more dark, gothic metal-inspired direction. Let’s see what these Danes have to offer. The album starts quite [...]


No Gravity – Worlds In Collision

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Published on: May 10, 2011

Rock and metal from Italy usually make me laugh. Especially Italian power metal bands are so over the top it becomes genuine kitsch. I’m not the biggest fan of Italian progressive rock and metal either. Let’s see whether guitarist Simone Fiorletta (ex Moonlight Comedy) and his No Gravity project can [...]

seventh Wonder

Seventh Wonder – The Great Escape

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Published on: April 16, 2011

Seventh Wonder is a Swedish progressive metal band with three full length albums under their belt already. I’ve never heard of them before, but I’m very well aware of the quality of fellow Swedish progressive acts, like Opeth, Wolverine, Pain Of Salvation and Evergrey. The latest album by these Swedes [...]

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