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Samael – Lux Mundi

by Rob
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Published on: May 5, 2011

They’ve been around a very long time, Samael. This year marks the twentieth anniversary of their first album, Worship Him, and Lux Mundi is album number nine in what has mostly been a very highly-regarded career for these Swiss pioneers. Despite still being labelled as a black metal band by [...]


Eryn Non Dae. – Hydra Lernaia

Eryn Non Dae. (or END. for short), who apparently have such a fondness for punctuation there’s a period in their name, is a rather interesting progressive metal band out of France. Their album Hydra Lernaia was originally released in 2009, but doesn’t seem to have had nearly as much exposure [...]

"The Project Hate MCMXCIX: Bleeding The New Apocalypse" booklet

The Project Hate MCMXCIX – Bleeding The New Apocalypse

Before getting into the music, I want to dissect this album title a bit. The first part of the title is not a declarative statement, like “the apocalypse is bleeding”; it is an active phrase, a threat. The Project Hate MCMXCIX attempt to position themselves as the edge upon which [...]

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