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Name: Raymond Westland
Function: Founder/Chief Editor/Writer
Age: 30
Location: Europe
Favorite bands: Oceansize, Cynic, Orphaned Land, Enslaved, Mastodon, Amorphis, Textures, Hacride, King Crimson




Name: Tony Burgio
Function: Founder/Designer/Senior Editor/Writer
Age: 23
Location: United States
Favorite bands: Eluveitie, Ensiferum, Animals as Leaders, Baroness, Blind Guardian, Symphony X, Agalloch, Tool




Name: Myron Schmidt
Function: Senior Editor/Writer
Age: 44
Location: Chicago, IL USA
Favorite Bands: Unearth, Lamb of God, Megadeth, Iron Maiden, Gojira, Enslaved, Meshuggah




Name: Natalie Zed
Function: Guest Writer
Age: 27
Location: Toronto, Canada
Favourite Bands: Agalloch, Amon Amarth, Amorphis, Celtic Frost/ Triptykon, Devin Townsend, Gojira, Primordial, Týr, Vilipend, Woods of Ypres



Name: Nina
Function: Guest Writer
Age: 19
Location: London, UK
Favourite Bands: Akercocke, Electric Wizard, YOB, Goblin Cock, Manowar




Name: Mat Davies
Function: Guest Writer
Age: old enough to know better
Location: London, UK
Favorite bands: Opeth, Enslaved, Porcupine Tree, Mastodon, Kylesa




Name: Rob McAuslan
Function: Guest Writer
Age: 36
Location: Jersey, Channel Islands
Favorite bands: Between The Buried And Me, Opeth, Rush, Megadeth, The Black Dahlia Murder, Clutch




Name: Wolfgang Merx
Function: Guest Writer
Age: 21
Location: Germany
Favorite bands: Peter Gabriel, Neil Young, King Crimson, Porcupine Tree




Name: Maarten Merkens
Function: Guest Writer
Age: 29
Location: Ridderkerk, The Netherlands
Favorite bands: Metallica, Mastodon, Muse, Opeth, Candlemass, Amon Amarth




Name: Rebecca Riot
Function: Guest Writer
Age: 26
Location: Virginia Beach, VA
Favorite bands: Danzig, Morrissey, Joy Division, Black Sabbath, Big Business, Kylesa, Floor, The Misfits, Guns n’ Roses, Led Zeppelin




Name: Jack Traveller
Function: Guest Writer
Age: 22
Location: West Midlands, UK
Favourite Bands: Akercocke, Ihsahn, Iron Maiden, Pink Floyd,Symphony X, Gojira, Death




Name: Bruce Smeath
Function: Guest Writer
Age: 49
Location: Windsor, UK
Favorite Bands: Oceansize, Opeth, In Mourning, Meshuggah, Soilwork, Porcupine Tree, Machine Head, Fear Factory, Rush, Blue Oyster Cult, Van Halen




Name: Leticia Supple
Function: Guest writer
Age: 31
Location: Adelaide, Australia
Favorite bands: Anvil, Deceased, Iron Maiden, Motorhead, AC/DC, While Heaven Wept




Name: John Toolan
Function: Guest Writer
Age: 46
Location:Leeds, UK
Favorite bands: King Crimson/Robert Fripp, Eno, Isis, Pelican, Napalm Death, Decapitated


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