Last Chance to Reason – Live Review from July 2nd, 2011 Show

Being a huge fan of their studio releases, I had high expectations for the Last Chance to Reason show on July 2nd. They played a show at a place about 30 minutes from where I live, at a tiny venue, honestly, much smaller than they deserved. And even with a myriad number of openers (5, to be exact) that are mostly outside the scope of Alternative Matter in terms of genre and quality, it was absolutely a great show. The setlist, consisting of all songs from their second album Level 2, was as follows:

“Upload Complete”
“Coded to Fail”
“Temp Files”
“Programmed for Battle”

Now, being such a huge fan, I have to admit I was a bit nervous for how all the digital effects (especially on vocals) would translate to a live show. I was not disappointed, and I have to say that all five songs sounded as close to the studio versions as you could probably get playing live, despite being in such a tiny, cramped venue with questionable acoustics. The songs were made even better by the fact that the band’s enthusiasm was palpable and permeated every note of the performance, particularly in the case of vocalist Mike Lessard. Throughout every song his facial expressions and body language completely ran the gamut and he was clearly pouring his heart and soul into it all, along with the other band members as well.

Another great aspect of the show was that all the band members were incredibly down-to-Earth and unassuming, and it was really great to talk to them in person. They talked to every fan who came up to the merch booth and I had a great conversation with both Lessard and drummer Evan Sammons. My only complaint about the show itself were factors undoubtedly outside the band’s control: the set was much shorter than I’d have liked, and frankly I was pretty mortified by how many of the attendees of the show left before the band even took the stage, staying only for the openers who in my opinion were leagues behind Last Chance to Reason. I will say, however, that the headliners of the show, This or The Apocalypse, put on a pretty good performance, including doing a great metalcore cover of Europe’s “The Final Countdown” which I was definitely not expecting.

Last Chance to Reason is touring this summer with Animals as Leaders, Dead Letter Circus, Intronaut, and Evan Brewer. If it’s at all feasible for our readers to go check them out, I can’t recommend doing so highly enough. They’re a severely underrated band and I have no doubt their upcoming shows will be mind-blowing.

Upcoming Tour Dates:

Jul 09 Oakland Metro                   Oakland, CA
Jul 10 Key Club                            West Hollywood, CA
Jul 11 Martini Ranch                     Scottsdale, AZ
Jul 13 Black Sheep                       Colorado Springs, CO
Jul 14 The Oz                               Wichita, KS
Jul 15 Vaudeville Mews                Des Moines, IA
Jul 16 Mojoes                               Joliet, IL
Jul 17 The Intersection                Grand Rapids, MI
Jul 18 Mohawks Place                  Buffalo, NY
Jul 19 Crazy Donkey                    New York, NY
Jul 20 Northern Lights                 Albany, NY
Jul 21 Chameleon Club                Lancaster, PA
Jul 22 Ottobar                             Baltimore, MD
Jul 23 Diesel                                Pittsburgh, PA
Jul 24 Madhatter                         Covington, KY
Jul 25 The Muse                          Nashville, TN
Jul 26 Greene St.                         Greensboro, NC
Jul 27 The Masquerade               Atlanta, GA
Jul 28 The Oasis                          Charleston, SC
Jul 29 The Backbooth                  Orlando, FL
Jul 30 The Alabama Music Box     Mobile, AL
Jul 31 Hi Tone                              Memphis, TN
Aug 01 Fubar                               St Louis, MO
Aug 02 Beaumont Club                Kansas City, MO
Aug 03 Bricktown Live                 Oklahoma City, OK
Aug 04 Launch Pad                     Albuquerque, NM
Aug 05 The Rock                          Tucson, AZ

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