Weekend Nachos – Worthless

Do you remember being an angry teenager? (No, not angsty.. flat-out angry.) Do you remember going to shows on school nights, knowing that you’d have hell to pay come 6 AM the next morning, but not really caring? Do you remember the adrenaline surge you got from being sucked into a circle pit, windmilling, and rushing the front of the stage to scream along with all of your favorite songs? Most of these things are a distant memory for me now.. I’m too old for willingly getting my ass kicked. That doesn’t mean I don’t still enjoy the music, though. After all, angry teenagers grow into angry adults, right? With the release of their album Worthless, Weekend Nachos has managed to keep alive the style of angry punk-inspired hardcore music that I loved in my youth. They do not miss the mark.

From the very beginning I’m reminded of something old, but the music is definitely something new. Calling to mind bands like American Nightmare (now Give Up The Ghost), Shai Hulud, and Earth Crisis, Weekend Nachos have both stuck to a very traditional sound for the type of music it is, and also incorporated a few different elements into it. For the most part the tracks are very fast-paced, perfect for that circle pit, driving and relentless like a sledgehammer outside your window at 3 in the morning. But, there are slower parts. Ones that almost have you thinking “Ok.. is this gonna be over anytime soon?” And then just as you’re at the point of giving up on the song, you’re thrown back into the violent fray of guitars and drums seeming to race against each other to the finish, but somehow managing to stay in perfect sync. The tracks “Frostbitten” and “Black Earth” are excellent examples of of this musical mindfu– well, you know what I mean.

And then.. the lyrics. Words aren’t always that important. There are some bands who are fantastic musicians but can’t write lyrics to save their lives. And then there are great lyricists who leave much to be desired in the arena of writing and producing actual music. Sometimes it’s important for the music to also deliver a message, as often there are certain lifestyles that come attached with certain types of music. Just like metal music, the kids who grew up listening to punk (and the adults who find it later in life) often are attracted to it because they feel a little like outcasts. They don’t fit in for whatever reason and have been drawn to a music and a group that they feel they can relate to. Sometimes I don’t pay attention to lyrics at all, because they can ruin an otherwise excellent song. In the case of this album though, I feel like the lyrics warranted special attention. The band, again, certainly stuck to tradition in the sending of the message “Hey, we’re angry too! Come scream with us!”

I may be a bit biased with how much I enjoyed this album. Maybe nostalgia was clouding my judgment. Then again, isn’t that the point of music– To reach you on an emotional level? Worthless most definitely did. In “Jock Powerviolence” they proclaim “I stopped trying to be cool a long time ago.” Whether or not you’ve stopped trying to be cool, or (like me) were never cool to begin with, I definitely recommend giving this album a listen.

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