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Published on: July 4, 2011

Basick Records is a small English label, specialised in cutting edge progressive and technical metal. I was pretty pleased with the debut ep by Australian outfit Circles, so when I jumped on the chance at doing a review one of their recent signings, namely Visions. These youngsters are about to release their debut album, entitled Home. Let’s see what they’re made off.

According to their biography they should appeal to the fans of The Dillinger Escape Plan, Sikth (RIP) and early Architects. I can certainly hear the musical similarities to the aforementioned Sikth and DEP, however Visions doesn’t operate at the same level when it comes down to insane musical combinations and an absurd level of technical prowess. Is this really a bad thing? No, because Visions has enough of their own to offer.

Home is stucked to the brim with polyrhythmic grooves, twisted guitar melodies in the best Sikth tradition and other technical wizardy, but the best thing is they managed to incorperate these elements in actual songs. This in combination with the clean-sung chorusses and some clever hooks makes Home quite a memorable listening experience. Songs like Attentive; Reverie, Autophobia, Creations and Into The Sun are great examples of the band’s collective musical talent. However, I do miss some real standout tracks on Home, but then again there aren’t any weak songs on the album either. That’s a positive thing in my book.

Sound-wise this album is skillfully handled by John Browne and Neema Askari (Monuments) and Paul Ortiz (Chimp Spanner). The excellent productions turns Home into some real earcandy.

I kind of see Visions as the less savage cousin of Sikth and Dillinger Escape Plan. Don’t be fooled however, this album has still plenty of bite to offer. Most of all Home is a mature and promising debut by these youngsters. With the right kind of support they should go far. I like it!

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