Vintersorg – Jordpuls

by Tony
Published on: April 14, 2011
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After four years of working on his other projects after the release of Solens rötter, Mr. V (Borknagar, Fission, Waterclime, Cronian) has released an eigth studio album in the saga that is Vintersorg’s unique brand of nature-inspired, folky black metal. Being a huge fan of what I’d heard from Mr. V and Andreas Hedlund previously, I was quite eager to see what was in store on Jordpuls(which means “Pulse of the Earth”).

The album starts out quite forcefully, with a couple of orchestral stringed notes opening onto a heavy track of fiercely growled vocals and a driving rhythm guitar. Like the rest of the album, the song blends the clean and growled voicework Mr. V. is known for quite skillfully. On the note of vocals, it should also be noted that the whole album is in Swedish, as was Vintersorg’s previous release.

Tracks like this one as well as others like “Mork Nebulosa” and “Stjarndyrkan” show Vintersorg’s harsher side, whereas songs like “Klippor Och Skar” and “Skogen Sover” are much stronger on the folk metal side. Either way, Vintersorg does a great job of making each song interesting, and they all have an appropriately organic feel to them as if the songs were coaxed from the living Earth and stars themselves.

In that spirit, despite the complex and progressive nature of the music, every element seems perfectly placed and tasteful, from the unique and never-forced breakdowns to the use of vocal harmonies and vocal effects. Some songs even feature some surprising surprising retro-sounding hooks and melodies, and back-up vocals that seem quite bluesy.

Overall, Jordpuls, (which means “Pulse of the Earth”) is a great album that does a great job of giving a sense of the impressive natural universe in which we live, and is a fitting tribute to the nature which Vintersorg loves so well.

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