Týr – The Lay of Thrym

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Published on: June 23, 2011

Týr hails from the Faeroe Islands, which for anyone who doesn’t know is a group of islands between the Norwegian Sea and the North Atlantic Ocean between Great Britain and Iceland. Steeped in early Nordic history it is not hard to imagine a Viking Metal band hailing from this part of the world. The band itself is a power packed foursome delivering nothing but pure raw Viking styled metal. Lyrically these Nordic four have taken such time and care to weave a wonderful tale of myth and history it stands a testament to their dedication to their own heritage.

The Lay of Thrym is nothing short of pure fist pumping, axe wielding Viking metal. The music invokes the real need to go find a battle-axe and grab a tankard of ale and sing about the day’s chaos. Opening with Flames of the Free listeners are transported via notes and waves to times of yore with fierce metal brutality. The vocals of Heri Joensen are delivered with perfect pitch and emotion that just carry this and other tracks into the stratosphere of pure exhilaration. The guitar wizardy of Terji Skibenæs start in this opening song and continue throughout this release. The notes and solos delivered by Terji are clean and perfectly executed with such speed and ferocity yet keep in perfect soul of the music. It is a rare feat for a guitarist to lay down such riffs and group of solos in lockstep with the feel of the music but here Terji has achieved this to perfection. Take Your Tyrant is another early example of how the dual guitar work of Joensen and Skibenæs carry the thrill of the chase emotion to new heights.

Although the vocal and guitar delivery are prominent features in conveying the emotion and intent of the lyrical stylings this can never be done with out creative work in the backdrop of the beat fabric. With Gunnar H. Thomsen on bass and Kári Streymoy on drums these beat keepers play with such creativity and dedication giving free reign to the guitars and vocals to provide the necessary accents in all the right places. The drumming of Streymoy approachs, at some points inhuman speed and at other points melodic delivery with pure precision. Thomsen delivers bass lines that provide the necessary undercurrent that the music becomes unimaginable without his fretwork. The best example of Thomsen and Streymoy shining through is the track Evening Star, the playing of both is just inventive and true.

In short Týr deliver a Viking metal package with perfectly accentuated music. This quartet manages to perfectly capture the Noridic feel and old country heritage with their music alone. Adding even a cursory read of the lyrics and one is transported back in time. Give these modern day Viking metal gods a listen, the music is flawless and perfectly executed and the fist pumping sheer fun filled tracks are sure to convert anyone to their brand of metal.

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