The Soulless – Isolated

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Published on: July 19, 2011

The Soulless is a death metal band out of the Bath in the south of Britain. Isolated is their sophomore release on Earache Records. These boys from the UK have gained a following in their homeland so how does their music move across the ocean to other parts of the world?

These lads are often labeled as melodic death metal and even deathcore in their style of music, the question is does is really matter what kind of name is attached to any music, if its good music, its just good. The Soulless is just good music, we shouldn’t be put off by any label, its just good music. This release opens with Unaltered a great combination of vitriolic vocals, blast beats, and tremendous riffing. This as with all the tracks are emotion packed. It is a welcome sound to hear how emotionally committed a band is to their music. The guitar work in this opener is very technical and not in an overdone way. It blends nicely with the vocals and beats, all being complimentary of each other. The Path and Earthbound follow Unaltered and pound your senses jsut as hard as the opener. The music and vocal technicalities carry through all of these tunes. Each note and scream adding a building block, shoring each other up until at the end the listener realizes they have built an entire metal mansion before our ears.

Even deep in Isolated the head banging keeps on coming. In spite of the acoustic guitar track, You are nothing to Me, which works very well on the album. Congratulations to any band that has enough confidence to show the listeners the many facets that are part of us all. The closer Without Heart, ends the album like it started, hard and fast with a technical veracity that gives us nothing but a great feeling.

All in all, a fantastic follow up to Of Winter Born for the boys from Bath. Technical death metal abounds in this release, but best of all good metal music comes out in Isolated. In the end that is what its all about, the music. Congratulations on a great follow-up, this can be the hardest thing to do sometimes, follow up to a great release. This quintet from the UK has done just that, a great follow-up, with hard driving, pure metal music. Well done gentlemen!

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