The Rott Childs – Riches Will Come Thy Way

The Rott Child is an Belgian rock band featuring members from the now defunct El Guapo Stunt Team. This rock and roll outfit named themselves after the Rothschildts, a famous family of Jewish bankers. Their debut album, entitled Riches Will Come Thy Way, is one of the most entertaining rock orientated releases I heard in quite some time.

It’s not like this Belgian outfit is reinventing the wheel or doing something revolutionary on Riches Will Come Thy Why. In fact they’re doing pretty the same thing as The Who did in their day, namely a highly volatile combination of spot on tunes, a devil may care attitude and mountain heaps of energy to make the whole thing float. For all you young hipsters out there, imagine The Artic Monkey’s and Kaiser Chiefs doing meth all day and making some really kick ass rock and roll. Or Josh Homme and Co truly living up their fame as described in “Feel Good Hit Of The Summer”.

What makes this album interesting for a more progressive rock orientated crowd is the overall concept behind Riches Will Come Thy Way. Also the use of certain avant-garde elements, the entire vaudevillian feel and the use of jazzy/unorthodox time changes should appeal to the proggers among us. “Animals VS Megiddo”, “Treasures In My Hand”, “Diamonds In My Pocket” and “Levitation For The Children” are shining examples of this.

The dry and Spartan sound gives Riches Will Come Thy Way a nice dirty edge. It really enhances the overall rock and roll feel of the record.

I didn’t get such a musical high out of listening to this kind of music, since the release of Songs For The Deaf by Queens Of The Stone Age. Riches Will Come Thy Way by The Rott Childs is truly my feel good hit for the summer.

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