The Resurrection Sorrow – The Scorpion Savior Sessions

by John
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Published on: July 17, 2011

After many months of streaming their new songs online via their website, New York based The Resurrection Sorrow release an EP of three songs of very differing intensities indeed. The opener “Pale Kiss (Endless Storm)” display both melody and riffs that perfectly suit the hoarse vocal style of Alex Dementia. “Burning Halo”, the final track, again has all the arrogance and bravado of an up tempo, guitar riff heavy, tune, and yet continues the melodic theme. But it is the second track “Scorpion Savior” that is more guttural in approach, with the hoarse vocal style complemented with the growl of brutality, but still somehow managing to hang on to the signature meandering vocal hook that makes The Resurrection Sorrow stand out in their field. The production of these songs, although not in any way muscular, helps to illuminate the various levels these songs are working on. It has been two years since their debut “The Hour of the Wolf” and if these samples are anything to go by, The Resurrection Sorrow can look forward to spreading their repertoire and fan base wider.

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