Steak Number Eight – All Is Chaos

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Published on: May 20, 2011

Steak Number Eight is the name from a rather talented Flemish musical collective based in Wevelgem, Belgium. They’ve caused quite a buzz there, mostly because of their young age in combination of the apparent quality of their music. All In Chaos is the title of their second album, so let’s see of the hype surrounding them is justified.

I’m usually not interested in hype, but in this specific case it’s completely justified. The material on All In Chaos reminds me of Oceansize’s Self Preserved While The Bodies Float Up and the In Absence Of Truth and Wavering Radiant albums by Isis. Although these Belgians don’t have the progressive rock influences of the former nor the refined subtlety of the latter, they certainly know how to create some stirring music. Songs like “Dickhead”, “Pyromaniac” and “The Calling” have this nifty stoner rock vibe and groove to them. I really like that.

The post rock influences are subtle at first, like nifty little melody lines and psychedelic effects here and there. As All In Chaos progresses the Isis influences become more apparent, especially in the longer tracks as “Black Fall”, “Stargazing”, “Track Into The Sky”, “Drowning In Your Blood” and “The Perpetual.” These are also the more adventurous moments on the album. They create some serious magic here with more straightforward songs like the aforementioned “Dickhead” and “Pyromaniac.” The best part is that the Steak Number Eight lad know who to write memorable compositions, without getting lost in endless psychedelic jams.

All In Chaos has a nice fuzzy and organic production, which enhances the stoner rock vibe nicely. The vintage sound is really becoming.

What can I say? This is certainly one of the best stoner/post rock albums I’ve heard in quite some time. The song material on All In Chaos is catchy, but it has a lot of depth to offer. With their musical prowess at such a young age they have the potential to become something truly great. I can’t wait to hear their next album. I’m hooked!

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