Ramesses – Chrome Pineal

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Published on: June 30, 2011

According to Wikipedia Ramesses specialise in torrential riffing. That’s my kind of riffing. Unfortunately, on the first track of this new album it is six minutes before we get any riffing at all. Still, those six minutes have been meandering but intriguing and not unpleasant…I just thought they’d be noisier. Then at last we get what we wanted and a crunching riff takes us through to the end of the track, in a follow-me-into-the-darkness kind of way.

Chrome Pineal is the new offering from UK heavy doom rock trio Ramesses and features three brand new studio recordings along with three live tracks recorded in 2007.

Blazoned Fauna (oh what fun they must have thinking up these titles) opens with another crunching riff as well as eerie vocals that create a particularly unnerving atmosphere.

Third track, and last of the new ones, is Men of Horror. The first couple of minutes have more huge riffing and terrifying vocals plus some kind of chanting that is delightfully disturbing. However, half way through the track the chanting stops and we get just bludgeoning riffs and pounding drums that don’t really do anything other than bludgeon and pound.

The three live tracks, all Ramesses favourites I would guess, are ferocious and heavy which is precisely what you’d want them to be. I don’t know how they compare to the studio versions but I can’t imagine long-term aficionados being disappointed.

Ramesses make music that would have made a great soundtrack for those Vincent Price/Edgar Allan Poe movies in the 50s, had metal been invented then. Its kind of weird and unsettling and glorious for doom fans who like to tune in, chill out…in the middle of a blackened forest. At midnight. Under a full moon.

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