Opeth – Damnation

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Published on: August 2, 2011

In 2003 Opeth planned to release a double album of new songs which was finally split into two different albums – the first being “Deliverance” featuring progressive death metal songs and the other one, “Damnation”, going into a totally different direction.

While Opeth is well-known for long and complex songs with growled vocals, blasting drums and roaring guitars, “Damnation” shows a completely different side of the band. This time they show their softer side with ballads almost all the way through the album and without any growling or other heavy elements at all. Instead most of the songs feature a lot of interplay between acoustic and electric guitars that mostly sounds like Camel or Pink Floyd as well as many Mellotron-driven passages (surely influenced by the album’s producer Steven Wilson, known from Porcupine Tree). Featuring almost all of this is the opening track “Windowpane”, already the best track of the album along with the very rhythmical “Closure”. No song on this album disappoints and everyone features another facet of Opeth’s ‘other side’. Maybe they all are quite similar due to the rather sparse instrumentation without much effects and gimmicks in the production – but this shows the pure musical strength of all the compositions and the band’s very good skills in my opinion.

With “Damnation” Opeth created a fantastic album with beautiful songs and great sounds. The usual heaviness isn’t missed here but the songs are as powerful, yet in a different, rather emotional way.

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