Malefice – Awaken The Tides

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Published on: August 23, 2011

Malefice are a five-piece from Reading, UK which is just down the road from me. Awaken the Tides is the band’s third album and I was really hoping I was going to like it. I have been less than complimentary about British metal in recent years. Fortunately, Malefice have enough good riffs and awareness of dynamics, along with a high level of technical skill, to have come up with an excellent effort about which I can happily say nice things.

There are hints of Slayer, Testament, Metallica and Machine Head in the Malefice mix and in my opinion that is very good news indeed. Malefice are tight, fierce and focussed and deliver an impressive blast of metal. They have the confidence to not feel the need to throw everything including the kitchen sink into every song, but do what is best for each one individually.

Opening track “Awaken the Tides” steams along with a great riff and bass drums a-pummeling and is a fine start while second track “Delirium” has a classic Slayer-style riff that belts along with vim and vigour.

Fourth track “Minutes” starts with an epic riff that evolves into a song that, while adhering to a tried and trusted formula, manages to sound fresh and invigorating

“Baying for Blood” is, as you’d hope, a bit of a thrash-fest and works well although sometimes its hard to know where metal can go with the fast songs. Disappointingly, it too has a breakdown section. Its perfectly adequate but sometimes you just want a song to belt along for three and a half minutes and then crash into a brick wall.

Okay, you get the picture. I don’t need to go through every track. Awaken the Tides doesn’t reinvent the wheel but I have no hesitation in highly recommending it and I shall be checking them out when they tour with Sylosis later in the year.

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