Loch Vostok – Dystopium

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Published on: August 16, 2011

Following their 2010 tour supporting Therion around Europe, Swedish progressive metallers Loch Vostok release fourth album Dystopium. My first introduction to the band I was interested to see that they were born from the ashes of Mayadome back in 2001, after 10 years sat behind the drums, Teddy M?ller decided to try something different switching his role to vocals and guitar, and formed Loch Vostok with Sebastian Okupski and Erik Grandin. After several line up changes which have seen Sebastian and Erik leave the band Teddy is now joined by Jimmy Mattson on Bass, Niklas Kupper on Guitar, Fredrik Klingwall on Keyboard, and Lawrence Dinamarca on Drums.

Opening with the strong ‘A Mission Undivine’ which has a strong bass and drum opening the album moves into ‘Repeat Offenders’ which picks up the band’s trend for songs about criminal’s, particularly serial killers. This song is a classic example of strong melodic metal done well.

The thing that strikes me throughout this album is the intensity of the bass and guitar line, the strength and clarity throughout each and every song is just fantastic. Songs such as ‘Sacred Structure’, ‘Taste the Flame’ and ‘Disconnection’ are excellent examples of how this is brought together.

Vocally, there are undertones of melodic metal in places, progressive in others and even hints of death metal in some places. The beauty of this band is they have been influenced by a real cross-section of bands, and it shows. I certainly couldn’t compare this band to one other in particular and that makes a refreshing change.

The title song ‘Dystopium’ closes the album and what a song to close with. Loch Vostok have obviously decided to finish on a strong note and make sure that their listeners finish on a high note and come back for more. After three play throughs I’m hooked and ready to see what this band pull out of the bag next.

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