Karma To Burn – V

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Published on: July 14, 2011

Formed in Morganstown, WV this primarily instrumental band has been around since the late 90’s with a dedication to make their music heard unmatched by few. V is their fifth full length release and as with most past releases the majority are instrumental. For K2B it is easy to see the instrumental tracks versus the vocal containing ones as pure instrumentals are named with numbers and vocals are named with words. What does V hold in store for its audience?

Stoner rock, doom rock, stoner metal, what a bunch of labels that really only convey the smallest and possibly most basic information. Labels only group things lets judge the music not on any type of box but rather how it resonates within us. V opens up with 47 and we are instantly dropped into some deep heavy rifting carried on a thunderous beat. The mix of chords and notes is accentuated by bass and drums that give a wonderfully complexity to the overall sound. There are no standout instruments but rather each instrument add a weave of fabric to the cloth until the overall product is an utterly enjoyable piece of music. Even in track 48 where the bass takes a little front stage appearance, guitars and drums are right with the bass providing an overall sound that is truly fantastic. These ebbs and flows and with each pass across the musical loom further results come out in a dizzying array of colors and notes that assault and satisfy your senses seemingly at the same time. This release certainly resonates very well with this reviewer in many near magical ways.

The three vocal tracks had the verbal song stylings by Daniel Davis, who has since left the now Appalachian quartet. Davis provides a fantastic soulful component to titles The Cynic, Jimmy Dean, and Never Say Die. The surprise of these three tracks is that like all the other instruments the vocals are a mere thread in this tapestry of metal. They neither stand out nor are they overpowering. These West Virginians have managed a perfect balance of all parts of any given tune so that the presentation to the audience is a blend of all parts in harmony.

Bluesy, soulful, metal, power, this list could go on and on. This is a great release from K2B, vocals and all. It is a musical experience that can be handled with headphones or blasting out of any stereo. Once thing is for sure that whatever method you choose to listen be sure to have it at 11 on the volume setting. This will hit your senses hard and fast and leave you wanting more. West Virginia can and does produce great metal, Karma to Burn is proof positive of that. Overall, well done gentleman!

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