Job For A Cowboy – Gloom EP

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Published on: May 31, 2011

The five lads from Glendale Arizona are back at it again with the impending release of Gloom. With two studio and two EP releases under their belt, Gloom will be their third hellish EP to assault the public’s senses. How is their lastest offering going to hold up musically to their past releases given the fact that there have been lineup changes in the last few years?

Davy and Co return this year with a little more spit and polish without sacrificing their distinctive death metal atmosphere. The first two tracks Misery Reformatory and Plastic Idols display some very superior guitar solos in their musical fabric. They still maintain their high degree of technical guitar playing amidst the thunderous driving beat but the break out solos allow the audience to get a glimpse of additional guitar skills. That has always been a part of their music, but for some reason but they’re more noticeable on Gloom. It’s good to see a highly gifted band able to present their evil atmosphere on one hand and yet add polish and flair on the other. This is so subtle that one can almost miss it, and this subtly gives their compositions the necessary ingredient to jack it up to the next level.

The two closing tracks on the EP are in no way inferior to the first two. In fact, Execution Parade, boasts tremendous speed riffs and Davy’s death growls and screams everyone is accustomed to and expecting from him. Those ever-present notes and chord progressions coupled with a concrete beat at a devil’s pace are intermixed with this are some astounding bass lines from the newest addition to the band, Tony Sannicandro. These bass lines, especially in Execution, are just pure brutal genius. Let us all hope that this bass work becomes a tradition within the group. The closing track Signature of power is a great finish for this short but ghoulishly spectacular EP. It seems that all the elements of the first three tracks were made bigger, better, and faster in this last track. This is a furious non-stop metal ear-gasm from the first to the last, just the way metal should be.

Job For A Cowboy are back and forceful as ever. Metal fans will be able to appreciate and marvel in subtle additions to the sound that have truly taken these boys from Glendale to the next level. This was no easy task as Ruination was already at a top level of quality.

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