Infinity Overture – The Infinity Overture Part 1

Infinity Overture is a Danish progressive metal act led by guitar virtuoso Neils Vejlut. Their latest album, entitled The Infinity Overture Part 1, also heralds a stylistic change from upbeat symphonic to a more dark, gothic metal-inspired direction. Let’s see what these Danes have to offer.

The album starts quite convincingly with “The Hunger”, a mid tempo track which reminds me somewhat of Evergrey and Mercenary. The band’s ace in the hole are the strong and clear vocals by Kimmie Tenna Nielsen. I’ve never heard from her before, but her vocal work on this album is spot on. “The Stand” and “Back From The Past”. The vocal contributions by Fabio Lione (Rhapsody Of Fire) and Amanda Sommerville (Epic, Kamelot) add a lot of grandeur to The Infinity Overture Part 1.

Neils Vejlyt is a very accomplished guitar player, but he tends to press the issue too much by many needless neo-classical guitar runs.”Angels” and “Evernight” are very clear examples of that. He also knows how to write a decent song, but the all the different elements that make the Infinity Overture sound never come quite together. This gives the album a unnecessary disjointed feel, because the talent is obviously there. Another point of critique are the pathetic grunts here and there. They don’t complement the music at all. Either let it done by a professional or ditch them alltogether.

The production chores are handled by Sascha Paeth (Kamelot, Epica) and he’s given the album his trademark vocal orientated slick sound. I prefer a somewhat dirtier sound, but it fits the music perfectly.

This album shows a lot of potential, but it never comes to true fruition. With more time and better thought-out and structured compositions this could have been a killer record. More luck next time guys!

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