Inevitable End – The Oculus

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Published on: May 10, 2011

There is a lot that can be said about Relapse Records, but when it comes to cutting-edge and original rock and metal they’re usually right on the money. They helped to launch bands like Mastodon, The Dillinger Escape Plan, Nile, Baroness and Obscura. One of their latest releases is an album called The Oculus by Inevitable End from Sweden. Their music can best be described as the chronically deranged missing link between crustcore and mathcore.

Inevitable End started out as a regular death metal band, but on their lastest album they opted for a more experimental and innovative approach. The material on The Oculus is still deranged as ever, but they ventured towards the early Dillinger Escape Plan theatre of operations with a good bit of Disfear-inspired crustcore. At first this album seems to be made out of randomly chaotic bursts of music, but there’s more than meets the eye here, or ear in this specific case.

Compositions like “Tell Us Parasites”, “The Supreme Treachery”, “While Surpassing Ether”, “Memento” and “Cadaver Inc” have a wealth of twisted guitar riffs, hidden musical layers and innovative ideas to offer. All this with a typical raw punk/hardcorish attitude. The Oculus may not be as innovative and forward thinking as the recent D.E.P material, but it’s certainly getting there. “Of Sublime Dimensions” and “Escaping The Black Hole” are another example of this band’s mental state of mind.

The raw and dry sound of The Oculus enhances the frantic mathcore feeling. It adds tons of additional venom to the record as well.

It’s always good that for bands to develop their style and look beyond the proverbial fence. The Oculus by Inevitable End is thoroughly solid and enjoyable affair and if it’s a sign of things to come, we might have the next D.E.P on our hands. Recommended!

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