In Progress – Signal Failure

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Published on: June 12, 2011

Signal Failure is the debut album by US progressive rock/metal duo Jake Rosenberg and John Dillon under the name In Progress. Mark Zonder (Slavior/ex-Fates Warning) plays drums on this album.

The album is all about modern progressive rock with two central elements: synthesizer arpeggios and aggressive guitar chords. Sadly, instead of creating their own sound, In Progress only manage to sound like a slightly heavier version of Porcupine Tree most of the time. The only major difference are the operatic vocals that seem unfinished. Generally the album seems to be consisting of demos, mainly because of its dull sound. Especially the synthesizer tracks suffer from this weak production.

There only are three songs which don’t sound like Porcupine Tree in my opinion. “This Whole World” with heavy guitar chords and its intro “Transmission” may sound like Black Sabbath first but at least “This Whole World” evolves into a rather industrial track with great riffs. The other one is “Unplug”, a song driven by acoustic guitar, piano, many layers of synthesizers and a drum machine as the song progresses. This combination sounds very interesting but sadly is only a very rare good moment on this album.

There’s not much left to say. No one can expect a band’s debut album to be a masterpiece but In Progress’ Signal Failure doesn’t even sound new. It only seems like a demo collection by Porcupine Tree to me.

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