Finnr’s Cane – Wanderlust

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Published on: May 9, 2011

Okay, another review by a band I’ve never heard of.. Man, am I out of touch. Mind you, I must be picking something up because I can state with relative confidence that Finnr’s Cane fall into the atmospheric black metal category, which was new to me recently but as an area is beginning to grow on me.

Finnr’s Cane are from Canada and earlier this year signed a five-album deal with Prophecy Productions – so the internet tells me – and Wanderlust originally came out a while ago. The internet also tells me that Finnr’s Cane – and man do I need to find out where they got that name from – have a cellist instead of a bass guitarist. How cool is that?

This is not “immediate” metal. Its not like sticking on Machine Head’s The Blackening and going apeshit when the riff to Clenching the Fists of Dissent kicks off. But it has other qualities and repeated playings is the only way to get them worming their way into your head.

Second track Snowfall has some gorgeous wall of sound guitars with some intriguing choir-type vocals in the background.

Fourth track The Lost Traveller meanders along with some acoustic guitar and vocals in the background before the guitars slide in like an avalanche. As guitars should.

Sixth track The Hope for Spring starts with a majestic riff – which I have to say sounds very much like something else but which escapes me. I was hoping that by the time I finished this review I’d have remembered what it is…but I haven’t. Maybe this means it doesn’t sound like anything else. But it does include some genuine black metal moments as well as a gentle, haunting passage.

I’m going to leave it to others to bang on about how this kind of stuff is the future of metal and taking it into hitherto unexplored places. I don’t reckon Finnr’s Cane are ever gonna headline Download but they have fashioned an album of hidden depths and one they should be justifiably proud of.

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