Enslaved – The Sleeping Gods

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Published on: May 23, 2011

Scion just dropped the Enslaved follow up EP to Axioma Ethica Odini, The Sleeping Gods. The progressive black metal boys from Norway continue to push the boundaries of their music with this latest EP. Although only five songs are on the release, these tracks truly demonstrate that there are no limits when it comes to this Nordic quintet.

This is most demonstrated by the tracks “Synthesis” and “Nordlys”. These are both instrumental tracks that range from the more haunting sound of “Synthesis” to the more ethereal waves of sound in “Nordlys”. These compositions are both solid affairs, showing again emotional range this band is able to capture even in the absence of lyrics.  Both of these pieces serve as a lead in the closer on the release The Sleeping Gods. The ending track is semi acoustic with chanted vocals. A brilliant piece of work, full and complex, layered with acoustic guitars, synthesizers, and perfectly intonated vocals. This arrangement is truly full of power and raw emotion. Although a slower tribal style message this meshes so tight with the two instrumental songs, it is the climax of a wonderful set of boundary challenging music.

Not to ignore the first two tracks on the EP, “Heimvegen” and “Alu Misyrki”, are both what a listener would expect from Enslaved. Musically they superbly constructed in the vein of the fabric established on their previous full length album. The quality is high with wondrous riffs, vitriolic and skilled melodic vocals, back by a true metal beat. Overall this is a great example of a band pushing experimental ideas for songs. This leaves the listener wondering what the full length release will bring. As our appetites are now wet with anticipation of what we may hear, we must now be patient and only hope that this is a sample of what will come from Enslaved.

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