Endstille – Infektion 1813

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Published on: May 22, 2011

Endstille is a German black metal band founded in 2000. They’re blessed with a healthy work ethos, because they released an album every since year since their inception. Their latest album, entitled Infektion 1813, is the exception to the proverbial rule. They had to deal with some line-up changes, so that’s a satisfactory explanation. Without any further ado, let’s a closer look of what Infektion 1813 has to offer.

Their latest album doesn’t show any major changes in the sound Enstille is known for. The band plays no nonsense black metal, so don’t expect any massive symphonic elements like Dimmu Borgir or flirtations with avant-garde and seventies progressive rock in the vein of Solefald or Enslaved. Endstille’s love for war themes reminds me a bit of Marduk, but L.Wachtfels and Co doesn’t quite reach the same level of intensity of their Swedish counterparts.

The compositions on Infektion 1813 are usually played at blastbeat speed, but fortunately the band appreciates the precious art of variation. This is skillfully demonstrated on “Trenchgoat”, “Bloody H (The Hurt-Gene)”, “The Deepest Place On Earth” and “World Aflame.” Another great thing about Endstille is their ability to write well-structured and compact songs. “Satanarchy” and “Wrecked” are great examples of that.

Infektion 1813 benefits from a relatively clean sound, but it still has that dirty sound, which enhances that typical grim black metal feeling.

The new Enstille album is first and foremost a very solid affair. It won’t cause any controversy like the latest albums by Burzum and Mayhem, nor does it break any new ground. Infektion 1813 is simply good clean black metal styled fun. Pure and simple!

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