Discharge – War Is Hell

by John
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Published on: July 23, 2011

Discharge totally epitomise the original punk ethic of political legitimacy coupled with honest, straight forward delivery. War is Hell continues to convey those messages with the trademark Discharge characteristics, unremitting, pounding percussion, fluid guitar riffs, frenetic solos and the lyrics barked straight into your psyche as you would imagine some demented drill sergeant to do. “Realities of War”, “War is Hell”, “M.A.D” and “Doomsday” sonically illustrate the malice and brutality of the subject matter being addressed here. And with track names such as these, there is no ambiguity as to what Discharge are troubled with on this collection.

Music of this ferocity is generally delivered on the basis of the listener understanding the world they are about to enter. If varying textures and layers of intricacy are being sought, then a Discharge album is not the place to be looking. But what Discharge do, and what a myriad number of bands encompass, and continue to imitate, they do with total conviction to the cause. If one were to be critical and dismiss the overall flow of the album as working on one level, with no break from the monotony of the song structure, then that would be missing the point of the exercise. Cut-throat sharp production techniques help to isolate the elements as far as music of this blistering intensity will allow, and even the live recordings included here augment the overall experience rather than detract from the surge. At the time of writing, music as charged and as honest as this is vital to help irritate the status quo, and hopefully Discharge will continue to inspire others to assume this attitude.

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