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Published on: August 13, 2011

Swedish death metal. Never a bad thing. For some reason, anything that comes out of Sweden already has the advantage of being Swedish. Especially if it’s death metal. Blah blah blah Entombed blah blah blah Dismember: writers, stop reading Wikipedia. Demonical has flown under the radar of mainstream metal since 2006, and Death Infernal is their third release. This album isn’t anything special, but it’s solid, and damn good if you like Bloodbath or Disma.

As always, I think bands should put more effort into the opening track. I’m over the sleep machine forest sounds. I’ve been over them since I learned how to sleep without a nightlight. Demonical doesn’t mess around, and “The Arrival of Armageddon” sets a punishing tone for the rest of the album.

What first caught my attention was “Black Inferno.” This song isn’t groundbreaking by any means, but a good thrashy riff is a good thrashy riff. I can get down with it. The following track, “Ravenous,” kept up the speed and heaviness.

“March for Victory” is the best offering on Death Infernal. It has the most melodic qualities, but more importantly provides the amount of intensity I wanted and expected. This is where I see Demonical come into a signature sound, in an Amon Amarth kind of way, but without falling into that terrible “viking metal” trap. The chorus is battle-cry typical but encourages ass kicking. Also, it’s in English.

I have no complaints about the rest of Death Infernal. “Slain Warriors” is another great, riff-heavy chant, and the transitions are mostly on point.

Death Infernal has no lows, but it doesn’t have any standouts either. You’ve heard this album before, and you will be hearing it again, now with Demonical’s pulsing onslaught of riffage. Although the album is a compilation of influences ranging from death to folk metal, they picked the right ones. This band has the talent to rise above generic Swedish death metal, and hopefully will do so on their next release. For now, Death Infernal is definitely worth a listen.

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  1. Doc says:

    awesome review, individual knows their metal

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