Death – Human (Reissue)

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Published on: July 3, 2011

Relapse Records is currently busy with re-releasing the Death backcatalogue. They did a very nice job with The Sound Of Perseverance and Control Denied’s The Fragile Art Of Existence. Next on the list is the classic Human album, originally released in 1991. Let’s see what is has to offer.

On Human Chuck Schuldiner started to experiment with more jazzy and progressive elements, thanks to Paul Masvidal (guitars) and Sean Reinert (drums), who later went on to form the legendary Cynic. The presence of bass virtuoso Steve DiGiorgio is really the icing on the preverbial cake. The first improvement of this reissue is the enhanced sound, which gives classic Death songs like The Flattening Of Emotions, Suicide Machine, Together As One and Lack Of Comprehension finally the sonic impact they so richly deserve. It’s also good to notice that the material on Human aged very nicely.

Something which makes this rendition of Human especially valuable is the addition of unreleased songs, such as Cosmic Sea part II , Secret Face part II and scorching version Gods Of Thunder by Kiss. The demo versions of the songs that made the final cut are very interesting as well. It also becomes very clear how litle the demo songs differ from the versions that ended up on the album. This is a clear testament to the dedication and musical prowess of Chuck Schuldiner and Co.

I’m not the biggest fan of reissues of classic albums, because in most cases they have nothing to add to the original version. However in this case Relapse took great pains into beefing up the production and adding tons of unreleased material. This version of Human should appeal the original Death fanbase and it’s a great way to introduce younger metal heads to the legacy of Chuck Schuldiner. Recommended!

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