Control Denied – The Fragile Art Of Existence Reissue

Control Denied was the brainchild of Death mastermind Chuck Schuldiner. Back in 1996 he felt he had reached the end of line as far as death metal goes, so he opted for a more technical and progressive branch of heavy metal with clean vocals. He put on Death on hold and started to work on his Control Denied record. At the time no record label was interested in Chuck’s new band, so he resurrected Death again and released the final Death album in the guise of The Sound Of Perseverance. With the last Death line-up he finally recorded the first Control Denied album, entitled The Fragile Art Of Existence. When it was released it was instantly recognised as a classic metal record.

Fast forward to 2011. Relapse decided to re-release the classic Control Denied album, in close cooperation with former Death manager Eric Greif. He’s the current custodian of the musical legacy of Chuck Schuldiner. The material on The Fragile Art Of Existence is still as potent as ever. Songs like Consumed, Breaken The Broken, Expect The Unexpected and the mighty title track are classic metal songs revolving around the intricate guitar work by Chuck Schuldiner and Shannon Hamm, supported by an impeccable rhythm-section consisting of Steve DiGiorgio on bass and Richard Christy on drums. The powerful clean vocals Tim Aymar gives the song the perfect vocal touch. I was never too happy with the relatively thin sound of the original album. With the new remixed version that is solved as well.

Depending on what version you have the real treasure can be found on the second and third disc. It’s been filled to the brim with demo-versions of the songs that made the final cut, with often Chuck himself on vocals. It also strikes me how close the material on The Fragile Art Of Existence and The Sound Of Perseverance are related to each other.

From my point of view this Control Denied reissue is certainly worth your time and money if you don’t have the original version. For those people who own the original version this version may be less appealing, but then again the bonus material makes this album really worthwhile. I really hope is that the infamous second Control Denied album will finally see the light of day, because that’s the real treasure in my opinion.

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