Catalepsy – Bleed

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Published on: August 16, 2011

Floridian metallic hardcore heavyweights Catalepsy have returned with their latest album Bleed. This is their second full length following on from the 2007 debut
‘Iniquity’ and shows a band growing into quite a force. The five piece have released an album that should see their fan base and standing grow in the scene.

The rhythm section of drummer Ben Sutton and bassist Sean Murphy gives this album a real powerhouse to build upon, ‘Monolith’ being a prime example of this, the fast start slowly settling down is clue for the rest of the album, mixing it up and not settling for one particular sound. ‘Cthonian’ is another track that follows this blueprint,

‘Goliath’ features Bury Your Dead’s Mat Bruso as a guest vocalist. Bruso combines well with Catalepsy vocalist Rick Norman and this for me is one of the better songs on the album. The two different vocal styles work together really well on this track. ‘Goliath’ features again on the cd version of the album, with a dubstep remix featured as a hidden track.

Most of the album relies on being heavy rather than just fast, although it does have its moments, picking up on some death, thrash, hardcore as well as the crushingly heavy sound that carries right throughout it. The guitars of Rob Walden and Matt Sutton are the parties involved in rounding off this distorted, down tuned crunch, as well as adding the melodies and some of the lighter moments to this album.

Catalepsy seem to have set their stall out here with their song writing. They have tried to add different elements into their music, instead of following any particular formula, which is to be praised, especially to a scene that can often sound generic, such is the amount of bands and releases out there. The addition of samples makes this album stand out from others, and with the band adding these different influences (they say on their facebook profile they are influenced by ‘everything’) it makes each individual song slightly different and so it keeps you listening right till the end.

Time wise, the album is spot on at just under forty minutes so a decent length, and with no overlong songs it is a fine effort. If Catalepsy keeps on progressing at this rate on future albums they could just be a band worth looking out for. I think these songs will really come to life when played live and will be making sure I check them out at the earliest opportunity.

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