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Published on: May 16, 2011

German metalcore band Caliban are in between albums and to make the waiting somewhat easier for the fans they decided to bring out the EP ‘Coverfield’. At the same time they also have a nice excuse to hit the road with the ‘Cover Europe with … Tour 2011’ with As Blood Runs Black, Adept and For Today. The EP consists of four covers from bands which Caliban says they have drawn a lot of inspiration from. And really, they shouldn’t have done that. No, Really.

The bands they cover are surely not what you would expect from a metalcore band: Rammstein, Type O Negative, At The Gates and last but not least The Beatles. This could be interesting, if the band manages to give those songs an original twist.

The first song on the EP is the classic ‘My Gilrfriends Grilfriend’ from Type O Negative. Everything that made this song a classic is basically left out here. The whole gothic atmosphere (which Marilyn Manson was able to capture in his cover) is missing here. The vocals don’t match the rest of the song. That rumbling sound you hear is probably Peter Steele turning in his grave.

Next up is ‘Sonne’, originally by Rammstein. This is also a bad effort, essentially because Caliban can’t seem to make a choice on how to cover the song. At the beginning it is a copy of the orinal, with some notes changed to make it a least a bit different from the original. After the guitar solo it turns into a vain attempt to combine metalcore, death metal and industrial. The vocals save the song a little, but not much. Next on the list is the At The Gates classic ‘Blinded by Fear’.  The band could have opted for a more original twist. Instead they’ve chosen to play it exactly like the original. No added value here.

Fortunately, not all is lost on Coverfield. The best is saved for last in the form of  a cover of ‘Helter Skelter’, the epic song from The Beatles that basically gave birth to metal. Caliban really did a good job covering this one. It is daring, adventurous and heavy. It could easily be a new song on a Caliban album. Added bonus: the pronunciation of Helter Skelter by vocalist Andreas Dörner. The thick German accent gives it just the little extra spice.

Basically this EP is only interesting for the die hard Caliban fanbase. The band’s take on the aforementioned covers have nothing to add to the original songs with Helter Skelter being the only exception here. Coverfield is hardly an essential release.

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