Born Of Osiris – The Discovery

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Published on: May 9, 2011

Have you ever played ‘The 7th Guest?’ It was an enthralling mystery on the pc in the good old days of 1995 and for many people the reason to buy a pc with a cd-rom player. One of the many things that made the game so good was the music which accompanied the game. It contributed in a large way to the creepy and eerie atmosphere in the Stauf Mansion. It was also the first thing that came to my mind upon hearing the songs on The Discovery by Illinois-based Born of Osiris. Unfortunately it lacks one thing that ‘The 7th Guest’ did have: a great story.

That does not mean that The Discovery is not a great album. Far from it! It’s ridiculously fun album to listen to; but it could have been a lot better. Where the whole metal/deathcore scene is swamped with bands that produce exactly the same songs, Born of Osiris manages to come up with something that holds ground somewhere between thrash metal and melodic progressive deathcore. The progressive element in the songs mostly comes from the use of synths and keyboards, played by Joe Kuras. They blend in very well with the heavy guitars and are in fact on some songs more ‘important’ to the feel song then the guitars or even the vocals. Born of Osiris has made a very good move on this because it really lets them stand out. Another good move: for this album the band has turned from six to seven-stringed guitars which really does wonders for the sound. One thing on the sound though: I can understand that mixing two guitars, multilayers of synthesizers, drums, a bass player and two vocalists is quite tricky but I do feel the album would have been much more easier on the ear with a more powerful production.

Having said that, Born Of Osiris conjures up a nice collection of songs which will leave the fans of technique and progmetal very happy. The Discovery is truly a guitarists album, with lots of eyepopping technique and solo’s that seem to come from another world, like the solo in the first minute of ‘Recreate’. Also ‘Follow the Signs’ and ‘Dissimulation’ (cool song titles by the way) show some impressive guitar prowess. Especially the solo at the end of ‘Follow the Signs’ is quite good. Best songs on the album are in my opinion the last two, ‘XIV’ and ‘Behold’. The first one is an interlude that builds up to and seamlessly flows into ‘Behold’. And coming back to my ‘7th Guest’ reference: anyone who has ever played the game will know exactly what I mean when they hear ‘XIV’. It’s epic and haunting at the same time. The same thing goes for ‘Behold’ by the way. Some may say the songs are a bit over the top or even pompous, but I’d say they are among the best I’ve heard this year.

Note on the interludes though: I’ve read some reviews that say the interludes are a let down on this album and they should have been kept out. I disagree. There are three of them and only the second one, ‘The Omniscient’, is a missed chance because it does not connect to the songs before or after it. It ‘feels’ strange, but in itself it a good piece of music that shows the versatility of the band. The other interlude, ‘A Solution’, sounds almost Linkin’Park- ish, but really fits its predecessor ‘Two Worlds of Design’ and  is a perfect counterweight to the heavy and aggressive ‘Shaping the Masterpiece’ that follows it. ‘XIV’ is the third interlude and it really rocks.

The only thing the album misses is an aim, or a story. I don’t mean a concept, but the songs miss a sense of connection.  On themselves they great to listen to, but played one after another they are like loose sand. But, in all honesty, I have faith that Born Of Osiris will fix this in their next album because The Discovery gives them enough room for growth. I’m already looking forward to it.

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