Borealis – Fall From Grace

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Published on: June 26, 2011

Borealis is a Canadian power metal formation with progressive overtones. The band claims to be influenced by Evergrey, Savatage, Dream Theater and Vanden Plas. These are big shoes to fill, so let’s see how their latest album, entitled Fall From Grace, holds any water.

These Canadians give a good account of themselves with their new album. I can hear the Evergrey influences, however their sound reminds me of classic Symphony X, Mercenary and their peers from Into Eternity, albeit less technical. Power metal forms the bass of Fall From Grace, but luckily they don’t share the Danish Blue factor of many of their German and Italian counterparts. This is due to the melancholic vibe of their material, the powerful vocals and the downright well-written material.

Songs like Finest Hour, Words I Failed To Say, Breaking The Curse and Watch The World Collapse are clear examples of the song-writing prowess by these Canadians. They’re brought with a lot of vim and vigour. This adds a whole new layer of accomplishment to Fall From Grace. Where We Started and the title track are other bright examples of what Borealis is able to pull off. Atmospheric keyboards and soaring guitar solos do the rest.

The clear and powerful sound of Fall From Grace does the material and overall performance by the band justice. It also enhances the listening experience.

There are a lot of equally talented bands out there like Borealis. Perhaps they need to turn their originality factor a notch or two up. However, I have no doubt these guys have the chops to make it. Fall From Grace is a testimony to their impressive skills and song writing abilities. A very nice introduction indeed!


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