BlackWolfGoat – Dronolith

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Published on: August 3, 2011

‘Dronolith’ is the new album from BlackWolfGoat, the solo project of guitarist Darryl Sheppard (previously of Miligram and Hackman). Formed as recently as 2010, Blackwolfgoat are already on their second album (this is the follow up to last years ‘Dragonwizardsleeve’), and as before, he has again recorded all of the tracks live in the studio.

‘Building Buildings’ slowly builds up by adding new elements and mixing them into the tune as each minute passes. ‘Ruane’ sounded to me like the isolated guitars from a Jesus Lizard song, which definitely warmed me to this release. ‘Tyche’ introduces itself with some nice distortion and has a different feel to the previous tracks on ‘Dronolith’. Unlike the other tracks up to this point, the guitar is the solitary instrument on this track,

Its back to a clean sounding guitar tone for ‘Fear Of Stars’, which is similar to the opening track in the way it slowly introduces new instruments as the tune develops and then towards the end slowly fades out to silence. The distortion is back for penultimate track ‘Evidence Radius’ before the epic ‘Dronolith’, which is the closing track on this forty-six minute release. At fifteen minutes long, it is by far the longest track on the album, taking up around a third of the running time. It starts with a solitary clean guitar sound for just under half the song before it slowly starts distorting

With each track allowed to grow and develop at its own rate, from four to fifteen minutes, it is an album that is in no way rushed and allows the listener to relax and take it all in from the first listen. I must confess to being a bit of a newcomer to the ambient drone scene, but I was very impressed by this release. Similar in style to the recent Heavy Spacehero release (solo project, recorded live), it says that these “musical pieces take the listener to some dark places, and some lighter ones as well” and it fulfills both of these promises.

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