Barstool Philosophers – Sparrows

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Published on: August 13, 2011

Wow! What else can be said about these five lads from the Netherlands. Sparrows is their first full length CD review which follows the release of the single Sunrise. Philosophers has come in under the radar of the progressive music scene and it is time to put them on the radar. Sparrows is a wonderful blend of progressive and technical rock fused in some sort of sculpture waiting to be unveiled to the listeners. What do these low flying Sparrows have to say to their listeners?

“Plenty”, the opening track the opening combination of sparrows, light drums, and rather strong guitars really prepare the listener for some pure progressive delights. These opening guitar riffs and vocals gave me a real flashback to some early Rush style opening and grooves. When that bass line drops in I was instantly captivated. Leon’s vocals weave in and out through this opener in a perfect airy melody in perfect time and pitch with the music making a strong opening track for the world to hear. “Silence” and “Lies” follow the musical and vocal stage set in “Afterglow”.

Their are some wonderful meaty guitar riffs with some nice metal influences sprinkled in “Afterglow” and “Dreamscape” but these are used sparingly and with great effect on the music. Barstool is a wonderful technical band, well thought out guitars, bass line and drums are keeping an extremely creative beat through each and every tune on this release. These Dutch lads have really captured the early beauty of 70’s style progressive rock and have added some nice modernizations that make it truly a memorable listening experience. That wonderful blend of years past of beautiful melodies and more rockish-catchy type songs. : Eyes Show The Heart” has a wonderful very rock style groove through the song with some very inventive riffing and wonderful modern affects on the keyboards. Hearing Sparrows made me realize that some of the art of making this style of music has not been lost in the past but was hibernating and waiting for the right time to makes its appearance again.

Barstool Philosophers seem to have been the group that the progressive rock Gods have chosen to work their magic through. If you revel in progressive rock with metal influences this will captivate you as it did me. Let Dream Theater, Porcupine Tree and Opeth be and give this quintet a won’t regret it. Wow!

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