All Pigs Must Die – God Is War

by John
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Published on: August 12, 2011

Comprised of Kevin Baker from The Hope Conspiracy, Ben Koller of Converge and Adam Wentworth and Matt Woods of Bloodhorse, this is the first full length release from Massachusetts’ All Pigs Must Die, and released on Southern Lord. With a name like All Pigs Must Die and a track listing that includes titles such as “Death Dealer”, “Pulverization” and “Sadistic Vindicator” you appreciate that you are not to be lead gently into “God is War”. The album itself is heavily influenced by the novel “Blood Meridian” by Cormac McCarthy, and the title itself is drawn from the text, “War is the ultimate game because war is at least a forcing of the unity of existence. War is God”. The album cover, by artist Florian Bertmer, perfectly encapsulates the mood within, and the production work is both clean and precise, and offers a clean palette for some of todays most pulverizing, primal and cathartic antagonism set to music. Not until the last track are you free from the raining blows of guitar, blastbeats and murderous, vein popping vocals, and even then “Sadistic Vindicator” only reduces the tempo slightly, to permit the listener some release, but closes the album uncomfortably and laboriously . All this talk of brutality does not, however, equate to a lack of technicality, and the album as a whole is not Neanderthal in any way. The listener is, rewardingly, left with a feeling of astonishment, trepidation and admiration at what has gone before.

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