Aliases – Safer Than Reality

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Published on: August 9, 2011

Aliases is a new band founded by former Sikth guitarist Pin. His former band made quite an impression back in the day and it’s often cited as one of sources of inspiration for the current “djent” movement. Let’s see what Pin and Co have to offer on Safer Than Reality, the band’s debut EP.

Aliases offers a highly technical brand of metal, not much unlike what Sikth did back in the day. There are some differences as well. Pin and Co are more about writing real songs some really memorable hooks, instead of chaotic bursts of technical wizardry. The guys and girl in Aliases are highly skilled musicians, but they use their instrumental prowess to cement the song material, rather than descending into guitar masturbation.

Safer Than Reality is still a very intense effort, despite the more song orientated approach. “All That Glitters”, “Sirens” and “What’s Left For Us” as just as ferocious as Sikth in their prime. Short interludes like “Refraction” and “The Beginning Has No End” form a welcome relief from the overall onslaught that is Safer Than Reality. Another highlight are the vocals provided by Jay Berast. His growls, screams and clean vocals form the perfect counterbalance to the guitar antics by Leah Woodward and Pin himself. “The Reality Of Beliefs” and “We Never Should Have Met” are two other shining examples of what Aliases is capable of.

Production-wise there’s nothing to complain about Safer Than Reality. The dry and in-your-face sound give this album some additional venom.

Safer Than Reality is a very promising and mature debut EP. The overall performance is as tight as hell and the songs are memorable as well. I’m very much looking forward to their first full length album. Welcome back Pin!

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