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Published on: June 30, 2011


IN FLAMES are number 1 in the official German Media Control Charts with their new album
“Sounds Of A Playground Fading”! (source:



Antje Lange, Label manager of Century Media:

“Dear members of the community of heavy Rock Music,

IN FLAMES landed on number 1 in the official Media Control Charts in Germany with their new album
“Sounds Of A Playground Fading”! (source:

We are more than happy about this amazing result and would like to thank everybody
for their share in this huge success:

~ A massive “thank you” goes out to you, the fans, who supported the band, believed in them and went out to buy the album instead of just downloading it from the internet for free.

~ all journalists who supported and featured the band

~ the whole team at Century Media who had to work overtime in order to achieve nothing, but simply the best

~ the whole team at EMI who worked hard on making this happen


Last, but not least we would like to thank IN FLAMES!
You recorded an amazing album. Together with your dynamic and supportive management
team you have worked hard on your success for many years.

For decades the metal and rock community has not been taken seriously -
but you just cannot ignore a Number 1. Hence, I see the charts as a big success for metal and rock in general!

This week IN FLAMES have surpassed artists such as Pietro Lombardi, Adele, Tim Benzko, Lady Gaga and many more who usually get more attention than them.”

IN FLAMES reaction to the German charts:
“This is absolutely amazing!!! We know that we’ve made a good album and of course hope for the best but this is beyond our expectations! Thanks to everyone at Century Media who has been working really hard to achieve this and thanks to all the people, our fans, out there who bought the album the first week.”

Still, this is not the only piece of great news, but IN FLAMES also went straight
into the charts in several countries, some of which are Top 10:

Germany: #1
German Download Charts (album): #9
Sweden: #2
Austria: #6
Norway: #10
Denmark: #25
France: #34
UK Midweek Charts: #39
UK Rock Charts: #6
Belgium: #55

Since several countries have not raised their charts yet we keep our fingers crossed for additional results.

In the meantime IN FLAMES have also launched their final episode of their studio-diary HERE

In the fall and winter IN FLAMES will embark on a huge European headlining tour,
please check their busy schedule for the exact dates.
New dates were just confirmed:

27.11.2011 Brussels AB Belgium
30.11.2011 Tilburg 013 Netherlands

IN FLAMES online:



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