QMI With Chris Letchford – Scale The Summit

by Dani
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Published on: August 15, 2011

In the Questionless Metal Interview, I ask individuals involved in metal (from musicians to engineers to publicity people to reviewers, etc.) to “answer” a series of unspoken “questions.” This idea was adapted from writer George Murray’s popular and always interesting Questionless Book Interviews. The results, well, are always completely unpredictable.

Alternative Matter’s first QMI is with Chris Letchford, the lead guitarist of Scale The Summit

I am: Chris Letchford, lead guitarist of Scale The Summit.
I am known to: Shred the guitar.
I do this when: The guitar is on my back.
I do this because: It’s my love.
The way I do this is: Many many years of practicing.
At its core, a musician is: A creator of soundscapes.
As opposed to an artist, who is: A creator of landscapes.
At it’s core, the music industry is: Cutthroat.
As opposed to composing music, which is: Relieving.
A label should always: Be the bank.
As opposed to an engineer/mixer, who should always: Go to the bank.
A rough cut of a song that’s ready to be heard by others is: a demo.
As opposed to an album that’s ready to be heard by others is: a final product.
A rough cut of a song should always be: Heading in a good direction.
As opposed to an album, which should always be: The final direction.
At its core, playing a show is: The greatest high you can get.
As opposed to recording, which is: Tiresome and usually quite boring.
To be a song, a thing must be: Full of melody, chords, and rhythm.
To be an album, a thing must be: Full of songs.
The road is: Tough.
As opposed to home, which is: Relaxing and peaceful.
The past is something that should be: Remembered but not dwelled on.
As opposed to the future, which should be: Exciting and fresh.
In a year, we will all be: Still on tour.
In ten years, we will be: Doing more tours.
Regret is: For the weak.
As opposed to satisfaction, which is: Great.
The smallest unit of a song is: Is one note.
The ideal listener is: A fan.

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