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Published on: August 14, 2011

Some time ago I did an interview with Justin Yaquinto, the bass player from Elitist. His band released an impressive album, called Fear In A Handfull Of Dust. During our conversation we discussed the creative process within the band, the origins Of Elitist and the working relationship with Seasons Of Mist..

Congrats on releasing such a strong and convincing album as Fear In A Handfull Of Dust. Are you satisfied how the record turned out?

Thank you and we are very happy with the finished record, the recording process was awesome and it came out exactly how we wanted it.

Elitist is a relatively unknown band. Can you give a quick rundown on its origins?

We were born in the land of sky blue waters. In 2008, our souls were consumed by darkness and that is when the band formed. We’ve done several US tours and have gambled, fucked, and drank our way across this putrid land.

What I really like about a Fear In A Handfull Of Dust is that despite the raw and straightforward approach the music still has lots of depth. What is your view on this?

It is raw and straightforward because we wanted it that way.  Depth is the listener’s perception, our message is one of fucking the system and that’s exactly how it came out. Essentially, we wanted the record to sound as pissed as we are.

How does the writing process work within Elitist? To what extent is it a conscious thing?

The writing process comes from booze soaked, bong heavy hard times.  We may be conscious for some of it, but I assure you the music pours out of us in this syrupy dirge that exists only between total incomprehension and the hangover the next day.

“Fear” is your debut album. Before that you only recorded a couple of demos, EP’s and a split-album. Did you feel any pressure while writing and recording a full-length album

No, none at all, it was the natural progression for us.

How did the recording process go? What kind of hurdles did you need to overcome

The main hurdle to overcome when recording a nasty, rust laden, death sludge piece like Fear is losing yourself completely. Not letting the decrepit gloom overcome your free thinking and to know when enough is enough. Another hurdle was tryin not to get so fucked up that we couldn’t walk, that was usually overcome with strong bong hits so we would just end up puking out all the liquor we had consumed.

There’s lots of good music coming from North-West Area in US, including Wolves In The Throne Room, Agalloch and yourselves. What triggered this phenomenon?

I think there has always been a healthy music scene up here, maybe now the rest of the world is noticing it a little more, maybe the darkness here is finally ready to be unleashed upon everyone.

Elitist takes elements from doom metal, death metal, black metal and sludge core/crust. Do you consider yourself a part of a certain scene or do you admire certain aesthetics from the aforementioned scenes/sub-genres?

We won’t label our sound completely.  You may get certain elements of these genre/sub-genres, but in truth, it is just what comes out of us. We take that voice inside and feed it into over amplified instruments and microphones.  We do this to fulfill our own message of fucking the system’s empire.  Ramming our missile of hate straight into this life’s apathetic existence.  Our inspiration comes from this and the people around us, not an attempt to fit into any genre.

Elitist is signed to Seasons Of Mist now. How are things going and what are the benefits for the band?

Things are going really well and we are in constant communique.  We look forward to meeting everyone in person over there in France.  The benefits are direct access to the European market of course.

Time for the final question. Here in Europe the Summer festivals are all taking place, so when can we expect you guys on a stage on the “Old Continent”?

You can expect us wherever darkness lies and nihilism reigns.  That being said, yes Europe is on our minds.

Any final thoughts and remarks?

Stay fucking pro riot and never let up.

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