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If you would like to get in touch with Alternative Matter, please fill in the contact form below. We accept digital promos only. Thank you for your understanding.

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  1. Jon says:


    Just read the review for The Living Fields’ new album. Thanks very much (I am the vocalist). My other London based band Monsterworks is not a million miles away in genre and thought someone might like to review it.

    Our latest THE GOD ALBUM was released in February. It has been widely reviewed but not by you guys. PR has been handled by ClawHammer PR in the US who upload promos to Haulix. So a digital copy should be there. Although I am not exactly sure how that works so if you are interested and cannot access the promo copy let me know.

    Also, while Candlelight/Earsplit should be handling PR for TLF I don’t suppose there is any harm in asking if there is the possibility of an interview with your site? Either with me or one of the other guys.



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