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In Progress – Signal Failure

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Published on: June 12, 2011

Signal Failure is the debut album by US progressive rock/metal duo Jake Rosenberg and John Dillon under the name In Progress. Mark Zonder (Slavior/ex-Fates Warning) plays drums on this album. The album is all about modern progressive rock with two central elements: synthesizer arpeggios and aggressive guitar chords. Sadly, instead [...]


Jakszyk, Fripp And Collins – A Scarcity Of Miracles

Reading the full name of this release – Jakszyk, Fripp And Collins With Levin And Harrison – A Scarcity Of Miracles – A King Crimson ProjeKct – leads to one central and almost unbelievable thought: this must be a new King Crimson album after all these years (the last album was [...]


Porcupine Tree – Fear Of A Blank Planet

2007 saw the release of Porcupine Tree’s Fear Of A Blank Planet. This concept album is made of six songs dealing with the problems and fears of today’s youth and has a melancholic but also very aggressive sound. The opening (also title) track starts with the clicking of a computer [...]


Porcupine Tree – Deadwing

Porcupine Tree have become one of the leading progressive rock bands over the last years since mastermind Steven Wilson started the band as a one-man-project in the late 80’s. Their 2005 release Deadwing offers a sonic journey from spacious soundscapes to compact and heavy songs that shows what this band [...]


King Crimson – The Power To Believe

It was time for King Crimson again in 2003 with the release of The Power To Believe featuring the same quartet which recorded the 2000 album The ConstruKction Of Light. One might assume that the sound might be similar but – this is one certain fact since the band’s first album [...]

Steve Hacket Live - Rails - Digipack

Steve Hackett – Live Rails

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Published on: April 24, 2011

Live Rails is the accompanying live album to ex-Genesis guitarist Steve Hackett’s 2009 release “Out Of The Tunnel’s Mouth”. After the world music of the “Intro” Hackett and his band start things off with the great “Every Day”. It might sound like usual AOR first but the song unfolds its [...]


King Crimson – The ConstruKction Of Light

The music of King Crimson, one of the main progressive rock bands of the 70s, has never been “easy listening”. In fact, it has always been more complex than the usual progressive music in those days. And the story behind this band isn’t easy to tell as well. The band’s [...]

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